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How to book

  • We do not allow adolescent (15-22 y.o.) parties.

  • You can reach us by phone every day from 8:00 to 20:00.

  • When contacting Toma pirts, please provide us with:

    • Date for the reservation;

    • Number of guests;

    • Which service(s) you want.

  • If you decide to book our property, you have to send us your email address and the name, surname of the person who books. Toma pirts will send you an invoice (about 1/3 of the total sum) to hold your date. The invoice has to be paid within 1 (one) day. If it is not paid in time, we open the date back up.

  • The email with the invoice contains all information about the booking, as well as some important additional information. Please, read it thorouhly.


  • Renting a house for sauna procedure (standard offer is for 4 (four) hours).

  • Renting a house just for the night (standartd offer is from 16:00 to 12:00).

  • Renting a house for the night plus sauna and/or hottub.



  • Standard house rent for the night is 16:00-12:00.

  • When you arrive at Toma pirts, the person who booked it, has to pay the full price of the booking and the security deposit.

  • This is a gated property. Entrance is allowed until 22:00. You may exit the property at any time.

  • By booking any of our sauna houses you have access to all adjecent territory (yard), while staying away from other houses or the host's yard.

  • Our guest houses have quiet hours between 22:00-8:00 (meaning, at this time, loud music and other noises outside is prohibited. If you continue playing loud music, please see that all the windows and outside doors are closed).

  • Fireworks are only allowed, if agreed with the hosts.



  • The price that we state for the sauna, is for 4 (four) hours.

  • The sauna working temperature is +60ºC...+80ºC.

  • It is strictly prohibited to pour anything except water and sauna aromas on the stones!

  • All supplements used, must be cleaned by the guests. All kind of sticky substances are allowed only if your own towel is laid on the bench, and all sticky substances must be cleaned from the sauna surfaces right after the procedure.

  • The working hours of the Big sauna's sauna is until midnight.

  • The working hours of the hottubs is until 23:00.

  • The hottub can be booked for any duration of time until the end of working hours.


  • The guests are obliged to inform the hosts for any and all damages done to the property during their stay.

  • All garbage must be recycled.

  • If the property is booked until 12:00, then at 12:00 all guests have left the property.

  • The safety deposit is returned on the check-out or the next day by a transfer to the bank account given by the guest (if all rules have been complied with and there is no damage to the property).

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