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Company name: SIA “Toma Darbi”

Legal address: “Mežacīruļi”, Tīnūžu pag.,

Ogres nov.

VAT No.: LV40103804101

Bank: AS “SEB Banka”

Account No.: LV08UNLA0050022192949


Contact information:

Phone No.: +371 26 25 46 75

WhatsApp: +371 26 25 46 75


How to find us (navigation):


Little sauna: “Toma pirts, mazā”;

Forest sauna: “Toma pirts, meža”;

Middle sauna: “Toma pirts, vidējā”;

Holiday sauna: “Toma pirts, brīvdienu”;

Big sauna: “Toma pirts, lielā”


“Toma pirts Toma pirts, Mežacīruļi, Tīnūžu pagasts, Ogres novads”

Once you get to our territory, there are signs on how to find each of the sauna houses in territory:

RED for Little sauna (Mazā pirts)

BLUE for Holiday sauna (Brīdienu pirts)

YELLOW for Big sauna (Lielā pirts)

GREEN for Forest sauna (Meža pirts)

ORANGE for Middle sauna (Vidējā pirts)

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