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A small but spacious quiet house in the middle of the forest. The Forest sauna is right next to a pond for a refreshing swim after a hot sauna. It is good for both a couple's retreat and for a quiet evening with friends or family – it has 6 bedplaces.

This tiny house has a firewood-heated wet sauna and you can use bathbrooms in it. The guests of Forest sauna have a small terrace and a grill at their disposal, plus there is a jacuzzi hottub right next to it.

This house has everything needed for short-term living: a kitchenette with dishes, an electric stove, kettle and a microwave oven. A refrigerator with a freezer section is available for you and the room has a dining table, a sofa (which opens into a double bed), radio (AUX, USB) and a TV. It has a separate toilet and shower. The bedroom has two double beds.

The water is provided from our local well.

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